Friday, 21 February 2014

Busy day

We were busy creating newspaper front page stories and movie posters for They Found a Cave.
We used an app called PickTapPlay to make the posters.

One of my grade 4 girls wrote an adventure story ( as part do our work on Dr Doolittle) and published it as a 'rustic journal'.She did a fantastic job ( refer to the pictures below) It is very dainty and looks very realistic. She showed a lot of diligence and persistence ( one of our school values) to complete it.

The grade twos also created  Pushmi - Pullyus and mounted them on jungle designed scrapbook paper.
In the afternoon we made Winter Olympics skiers. Some stood up and I've put them on display. ( as they were supposed to do but others needed a little help.) 
I asked the children to decorate their skiers in the team colors of countries competing in Sochi.

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