Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Another hazy day

We're still shrouded is smoke although it doesn't smell to bad today. Some of the kids rediscovered our DS players today and had a play with them. We also used the Penultimate app today which is even better since a recent update but the kids had trouble getting used to using the stylus. two of the grade 6 girls completed character webs for Cherry and Tas from ' They Found a Cave'. We're up to the bit where they find the aboriginal remains in the cave. 
At the end of the story they sell them to a museum. Of course aborigines having battling for decades to retrieve the remains of their people from museums all over the world to give them a traditional burial rather than be put on display or left in a box in storage. I'll see if The kids can locate a newspaper story about this issue on the web for a discussion. it wasn't an issue of course when Nan Chauncey was writing the book in the 1940s.

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