Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Venn diagrams

Today the grade 6 students completed their movie proposals for a movie version of They Found a Cave. (we haven't done this activity before so I led the way a bit. Refer to the unit on TPT) They watched the movie ( it is quite a quaint little movie! I think you can only purchase it from Chauncey Vale in Tasmania. I bought it direct from them along with a slim biography of Nan Chauncey. ) and then completed a Venn diagram for it.(refer photo)

We are about half way through 'The 27th Annual African Hippopotamus Race' and the grade 4 kids will start activities for the book next week.They are finishing off their jungle adventure narratives this week. We also started watching Dr Dolittle ( the 1967 version) which is an amalgamation of three of Lofting's Dr Dolittle books. We are watching it over 3 days because it is so long. I forgot what an odd movie it was. Rex Harrison seems to be snoozing through it, they have a tedious and unnecessary love story and most of the songs are pretty grim. Anthony Newley is at best annoying and the Pushmi-Pullyu just looks like two guys in a bizarre llama suit. I told the kids that I saw it at the movies as a kid and they had an intermission during it so you could stretch your legs and get a snack.( I didn't tell them we used to sing the national anthem and they had shorts at the beginning of the show)

I've decided to read some Paul Jennings books over the next fortnight. I think the kids will love his off-beat humorous stories and I'll add some Gary Crew books ( The Watertower) to add 'an edge' to the theme. ( I have already posted my Gary Crew units to TPT and they are free)

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