Monday, 10 February 2014


This summer is shaping up as a serious one for bushfires in Victoria. Currently there are over 19 serious fires across the state which have destroyed at least 20 homes and 280 000 hectares have been burnt. Seventy aircraft and over 2500 firefighters, some from interstate and New Zealand have been involved. Most of the fires are in Gippsland ( one of them in a coal mine!) and some serious blazes just to the north of Melbourne. ( as close as 30 minutes from the CBD) This morning in Ballarat and at Glen Park there is a strong smell of smoke and a very visible haze. (refer photo)

Yesterday was another busy day at school. My grade 1 and 2 student were getting into the North Wind and the Sun fable ( They got the moral straight away) and my other grade 2 student who is studying fairy tales finished her Puss in Boots work and has started Hansel and Gretel. She had never heard the story before so I found an excellent version of it on her iPad which she watched several times. ( I'll see if there is a short cartoon version she can watch on YouTube. She took the Ladybird book version home as a reader last night. Refer to the photos below)
Prep students finished work on Smarty Pants and with the help of a mum we put together their skeleton models! This week we start studying the letter 't'. The older students were finishing off their Australia Day puzzle activities and are starting their Australia projects and work on Australia's island neighbours.

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