Thursday, 27 February 2014

Third Kitchen Garden PD

Ballarat Botanical Gardens 
Kitchen Garden PD
Session 3

Julie showed us plant signs that she made using old pieces of slate and oil pastels.
Julie handed out a Ballarat planting guide.
We had a brainstorming session about curriculum activities that we could do with the planting guides and plant labels.

Worm farming (organic waste)
Davo's Worm Farm
Worm castings are a stimulant. Worm castings put microbes back in the soil.
Worm castings are 6 times better than compost. 
Dave is a strong advocate for teaching children the value of organic food and rotational planting.
At school Dave recommends the plastic worm farms available at Bunnings to show children how they work. He recommends red tiger worms and 50/50 grounds to greens- not too much nitrogen as the soil gets too warm for worms. ( Worm Farmers Association. Education section worth looking at)
Checking out the worm farm.

Forest Street PS ( Cameron Lanyon)
Challenging disengaged students in grade 5-6
Groups of children came up with ideas to improve the school. They suggested keeping chickens ( and other farm animals) and replenished their garden beds and built garden beds and a playscape area using recycled material. It encouraged mentoring and co-operation and strengthened community links.

The gardens are preparing for the Begonia Festival starting next week. I took some photos of the gardens, the empty greenhouse ( awaiting begonias) and some photos from the PD. 

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