Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Independent Schools 2

The Victorian Education Department and government has still not communicated with teachers ( let alone the general community) about their stance on Christopher Pyne's two man curriculum review and his $70 million independent schools 'thought bubble'. 
The NSW government has come out ( in this morning's Sydney Morning Herald) to reject the proposal and contradict Pyne's assertion that all states are on board.They said  that the NSW government has not signed an agreement with the federal government to introduce independent public schools.they said " We don't believe the research supports creating either charter schools or fully independent public schools."School education program director for the Gattan institute, Ben Jensen said the evidence that independent public schools produce better student outcomes was 'very mixed' and if not carefully implemented, the policy could leave students worse off. " if you just look at autonomy, the evidence on school improvement is, at best, very mixed." he said that "It was too early to tell if $70 million was enough to achieve the government's target of 1500 independent schools by 2017"

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