Wednesday, 26 February 2014

iPad PD expression of interest sent out.

Below is an early morning photo of the school. It was drizzly this morning. Recent rain is starting to green up the grass with only a couple of days left of summer.
I've been asked to provide a clearer picture of our Olympic skiers. Refer to the photo below. They were supposed to stand up but over the weekend they toppled over so I put them up on the side of the cupboard with magnets. 
Today we finished our islander canoes which are on display. ( photo tomorrow) 
I drove past the site of the grass fire I mentioned yesterday and took a photo. ( below) It was very close to houses.
Some of the kids today shot an interview using iMovie on their iPads and others filmed a Jack and the Beanstalk puppet play. They were a bit frustrated that they couldn't pause their filming. I'll have to play around with it ( I think they can edit ) and some others we've downloaded. 
Today I sent out an expression of interest to some of the Moorabool Network schools ( the ones close to Glen Park at the moment) to see if anyone is interested in an ' Introduction to iPads' PD session at Glen Park next Wednesday after school.Those interested will need to email me by Friday.

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