Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Curriculum Planning for 2015

I felt sorry for the thousands of Ballarat people who are currently down the beach because it was very cool and a bit wet this morning.

I gave the old classroom a good clean and updated paperwork today. I also bought some extra carpets for the floor now I've made a bit more room from Spotlight( 50% off) I left the OHS work because the new government promised to 'relieve the burden of OHS paperwork on schools' so I might wait and see what they decide to do because there is a whole day's work in that alone.
While tidying up the library I found an old Scholastic paperback called ' Fire on the Ridge'. It is perfect as a short serial to get our Australian theme started. I've just finished reading it and I'll put together a unit plan for it tomorrow . I won't post it on TPT because the book is obscure and the author seems to have only written the one book.
I am about half way through The Boundary Riders. I'll read that along with Fire on the Ridge and I will post that unit on TPT when completed to add to my classic Australian fiction series.( It's not complete without a Joan Phipson book)
The grade 2 and 3 kids will finish work on our Fairy tales/ folk tales theme from last year and then study Anna Feinberg's Minton stories ( Minton is a spotty green salamander who together with his morose turtle mate love to move fast and create all sorts of interesting vehicles.) series of books. ( Feinberg's is the author of Tashi) which we'll do after Minton. ( I've had to order some of the Minton books but I'll start a unit plan for that tomorrow) After a New Year's Day break I'll also start planning art and integrated study units for term 1 and do some work on the kid's iPads. (For our integrated studies I'll do Australian inland explorers for Humanities and  Plants in science this term which will fit in with an excursion to the Melbourne Botanical Gardens which I'll also need to organise.)

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