Thursday, 11 December 2014

Contract renewal

I had a meeting today with one of the Assistant Regional Directors and my line manager about contract renewal.( my contract doesn't expire until 31/11/15) My immediate superior, Julie McMahon is retiring and I think she wanted to get my contract sorted before she goes. Julie has always been a great support to me at Glen Park and I have valued her advice and interest in my career and my school.She said some very nice things about me which was a bit embarrassing but appreciated. Needless to say my contract has been renewed until 2020 ( which seems a long way away) Apparently my School Council President also said lots of nice things about me too. Thanks Tammy.
I have tests to go through tomorrow and reports to finish and print off and package up ready for the last day of school. Then I have to prepare for camp which is on Monday.
Today the kids finished off work on A Christmas Carol. We made pop up Scrooge Christmas cards which I have mailed off for the kids today.

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