Thursday, 4 December 2014

Thanks to School Council

Last School Council meeting for the year tonight and we got some policies approved and discussed LOTE and music options for 2015. Thank you to Tammy and Emily, two hard working parents who give their time to help me and the school.
Grade 4 completed their work on Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator and our Roald Dahl unit is now finished. (Wonka- Vite bottles below) We'll all start work on A Christmas Carol next week and I have some fun Christmas art and craft activities planned for next week too. ( The grade 6 kids just have to finish their guillotine models before we can start.) I'm taking the early years kids to the Fairy Park on Monday and I'm looking forward to it. I hope the weather is OK.
I used an 'ageing' ( The Old Maker app) app to take photos of the kids finished guillotines to make authentic looking pictures of them. 

I will post a link to my Roald Dahl and 39 Steps unit plans on TPT this weekend.
The Glen Park Gazette is finished and I'll distribute that over the next few days. I will also start school reports and see if I can get On Demand testing ( on line tests) up and running this weekend.

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