Monday, 29 December 2014

Clean up

I don't know why I kept 3 old laminators that didn't work but I did. Along with a printer that didn't print,a fax machine that you can't get cartridges for anymore, a kettle that kept tripping the fuse,Two ancient computers that didn't work, loads of empty boxes and a broken chair. Today I bit the bullet and hired a skip and binned it all. The new color copier replaced the old printer and after the frustration of laminators that didn't last I bought an industrial strength laminator that seems to cope.It took a while, I also tidied up the store room and disabled toilet which we also use as a store room. 
They were crop dusting using a helicopter today. I thought it was a bit windy for that but you can just make out the copter on the right of the picture.

I filled the bin just before the rain arrived. Tomorrow I can start preparation for next year.

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