Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Its beginning to feel a lot like...Christmas holidays!

NToday we completed some Christmas puzzle activities and finished off some Christmas craft activities 

I've seen 2 of my old year 6 students from last year recently, Chelsea and Marty. Both have had a good year 7 and have grown so much. It was great to see the two of them again they were great year 6 students. I wish I had had the leadership badges I introduced this year for them because they were great leaders and would have worn them with pride.
I watched my senior girls ourt playing in the playground at recess time today probably for the last time. it is sad that all that ends when they head off to high school.

Awards Night
I attended the Ballarat High School awards night tonight. It was great to see kids from a fantastic state s condors school pick up awards for their academic,sport and artistic achievements for 2014. Below is a photo of the fantastic BHS band and my daughter picking up her well earned award for year11 photography.

Shocking News
Taliban militants rampaged through the army-run school in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa's capital of Pakistan and killed at least 130 people, most of them children, in one of the bloodiest attacks in recent Pakistan history. It's important for those of us in safe countries like Australia to appreciate just how dangerous it is for some students and their teachers to simply want an education, something we take for granted.

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