Thursday, 18 December 2014

Just one more sleep to go...

Yes today was the second last day of term. We finished off some Christmas craft and watched A Christmas Carol.
I've been cooking Christmas lunch on the last day of school for the kids for years now and I did it again today. It was a good thing I got in really early because I forgot to buy potatoes last night so I made a dash to the supermarket for some and got back by 7:30 to start peeling and chopping.
The Ferris wheel they've put up for Christmas in Bridge Mall

Chopped, peeled and ready.

We had 'Turkey from a box' which was surprisingly good.
The kids ate it all up. We also had a visit from Santa. Jim has been our Santa for a long time and always impresses. I bought books for the kids for him to give to them and engraved pens for the grade 6 kids who are leaving for secondary school in 2015.

Santa handing out gifts.

Eating Our Christmas lunch.

I handed out reports and included a movie ticket with them as well as graduation certificates for the grade 6 kids and their Premier's Reading Challenge certificates.
After school I handed out about 60 community newsletters to a housing estate nearby and then headed home to put my feet up. I was given a great book by one of the parents which I'm reading now and another family very generously gave me movie/meal tickets which I'll make use of after Christmas.( I hope that Seth Rogan film gets released)
Tomorrow I'm giving blood at the Red Cross and then it is up to work for my last day which will be cleaning up today's mess and sorting out the library.

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