Monday, 8 December 2014

Fairy Park

I took the 4 Early Years kids to the Fairy Park in Anakie yesterday. The weather wasn't good, very drizzly. I drove them there rather than use a bus. The Fairy Park was first built in the 1950s. It features moving displays of famous fairy tales. Children can watch them move and explore a scene from the story while listening to an abridged version of the tale. We have studied all of the fairy tales on display except for 'The Wolf and the 7 kids'. We also played on their playground and stopped in to play mini golf and explore a large 'flea market' at the 'Mill' on the way back to school. 
Statue of the Grimms brothers

The Frog Prince

They liked the Ali Baba 's cave display.

The house of the 3 Bears

Puff the Magic Dragon

We passed by one of my old schools, Mount Wallace, sadly the school is no longer there but this is the hall. below is a panorama of the wonderful view you get from the Fairy Park which has been built on top of a hill.

Mini golf and the Mill Market in Ballarat.

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