Saturday, 27 December 2014

Study says gifted students should skip high school

Story from today's Age about 'gifted students'

Transitioning to university at a young age is increasingly being used in Australia to meet the needs of highly intelligent students, according to a paper by academics from the University of NSW to be published in the January 2015 issue of Roeper Review.

One of the co-authors, Jae Yup Jared Jung, has been researching the career decisions of gifted students and says very few regret being accelerated.

"In fact, many would have preferred to have accelerated further or started their acceleration earlier," he said.

Without skipping a few years of school, these students are not only under stimulated but they are often at risk of becoming bored, disengaged and socially isolated.

Each year in NSW and Victoria, a handful of students sitting the HSC and VCE are significantly younger than their classmates.

Dr Jung says about 35 of 40 universities in Australia have no minimum age requirement "as long as the student has finished his or her high school requirements".

But at Monash University, you must be 17 years of age to enrol unless you have both an ATAR of 95 and approval of the dean of the faculty. The minimum age for study at RMIT is 16 unless the dean provides written permission.

Many universities, including the University of New South Wales, Macquarie University and the University of New England and in Victoria, Melbourne, Monash and Deakin, universities, however, offer dual study programs, allowing students to undertake university study while finishing secondary school.

Australian research has generally found accelerated students have positive experiences at university, both intellectually and socially.

A Tidy desk.....

I can't remember how that saying goes but I tidied up the office today and it looks very.....neat! I wonder how long it will last. I was going to update documents but decided to tidy everyone else's desks! ( Next year I must make sure they do that!) Those desks took a lot of scrubbing. You could eat off them now.( and by the state of some of them I think they were eating off them.) Tomorrow I'll do a major clean out if I can get a big bin delivered.( I forgot that Ballarat hibernates for 2 weeks after Christmas)

The garden is looking good. If you're reading this Emily you should pick some lettuce next time you drive past, they look good enough to eat.

About to bloom
Keeping everything watered.

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