Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Making Baubles

We used paper mâché 'Hollow sphere'baubles bought from a craft shop to create fantastic baubles for our Christmas tree. These ones already came with gold string loops for hanging up. They painted the outside and added 'jewels' using PVA glue and inside they sprinkled liberal amounts of glitter and added Christmas shapes and models.

We also made snow globes. We started with a clen glass jar, constructed a plasticine Christmas image ( tree, Santa, snowman etc) attached it to the inside of the lid, added water and glitter and it was complete.

Mmmmmm....... The glitter stuck to the plasticine.
Maybe it will fall off after a while.
We finished our Torch test and on demand tests today/tomorrow. The early years students will finish their maths tests ( I'm using tests from their Targetting maths books) and their Concepts About Print tests on Friday and I'll finish their reports on Saturday. I have creative writing to correct and also Burt word reading tests and handwriting samples.

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