Monday, 12 January 2015

How Glen Park got its name


On September 21st  1893 the School Committee wrote to the Registration Branch of the Education Department seeking approval to change the name of the school to Glen Park State School.  The Committee pointed out that at the time there were three other schools in the district called Bungaree.  They were Bungaree Springs 1135, Bungaree 3147 and Bungaree Junction 1958.  Mail was regularly being confused between schools and often did not reach its destination at the proper time.  They also pointed out that the district which was earlier known as Bungaree Springs, or The Springs, was now generally known as Glen Park.  (To date I have been unable to discover any possible origin for the name Glen Park.)

The Education Department accepted the request of the School Committee and from late in 1893 Bungaree Springs State School 1135 became Glen Park State School 1135, retaining the original number. 

 For a time, during the early part of this century, the confusion over school names continued.  In May 1924 a school was opened in Melbourne named Glen Park State School 4212.  This school continued to operate for some years until the name was eventually changed to Eltham North State School.

Time capsule for the 150th anniversary of the establishment of the colony of Victoria. 


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