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Some Head Teachers at Glen Park part 1

ADAM LONG.... HEAD TEACHER 1871 - 1888

Adam Long; the first Head Teacher of Bungaree Springs; was born on November 23rd1835. In 1871; at the age of 36; he gained his first teaching appointment with the Board of Education at Bungaree Springs Common School Prior to this he appears to have been operating his own private school but no documentation exists about this period.

His teaching career with the Board of Education was limited to only three schools. After leaving Bungaree Springs in 1888 he taught at Percydale, near Avoca; until 1890 and then taught until his retirement in 1894 at Homebush which is also near Avoca.

Throughout his career Adam Long was a colourful character who regularly wrote to the Secretary of the Board of Education expressing his views on a range of matters. He did not always see eye to eye with the Inspectors who regularly visited schools to assess the performance of teachers. At times unfavourable comments were made regarding his discipline and organisational skills.

His service record notes an annual retirement pension of £107/5/1 based upon his average salary for the last three teaching years of £247/10/3. After his retirement at the age of fifty-eight Adam Long returned to live at Glen Park. He died on September 8th 1914 at the age of seventy-eight.


Alfred Williams was born in 1860. He started as a pupil teacher at Alfredton State School at the age of 14 years and 3 months. He was appointed as Head Teacher at Glen Park in 1899 at the age of thirty-nine.

The Inspector's reports of his performance were extremely favourable, and he received very high marks. It was commented that he had few equals as a teacher of drill and physical training. His success in these areas may be attributed to his service, along with his brother; in the militia in Ballarat, where Alfred Williams eventually reached the rank of Colonel and his brother attained the rank of Major-General.

He was transferred from. Glen Park in 1907 and eventually retired from teaching in 1923 at the age of sixty-three. His service record notes an annual pension of £291/ll/1 based on his average income of £437/6/8.

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