Saturday, 31 January 2015

Queensland landslide

Newman has been kicked out.
NO....Not this Newman but Campbell Newman Premier of Queensland.
Apparently Queenslanders didn't like being lied too by their politicians, the politicisation of the judiciary and didn't like state assets being sold off.
They also didn't like drastic cut backs and sackings from the state health and education system that they said they wouldn't do before being elected. The Labor opposition won a remarkable election victory last night with a swing of between 10-13% across the state. Amongst their promises is the reinvestment in state education.
The Federal Government is also on the ropes. There are many reasons for this but 2 main reasons I've been raising in this blog since the last election is their backflip and lies about Gonski funding and the radical changes to higher education policy that they don't have a mandate for.

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