Sunday, 25 January 2015

Australia Day holiday

FVery sunny but mild day today in Ballarat.It was very quiet this afternoon but should get busier tonight when they have a huge fireworks display.
Below are some images from around the lake.   

Local black swans and paddle boat.

Gates for the gardens, manicured kangaroos and the begonia green house.
Bust of local lad ( Trewalla) James Scullin in the Prime Minister's Walk. ( Bust of former PMs) 
Scullin had the misfortune of becoming PM soon after the Wall Street Crash and the start of the Great Depression.
He battled internal party scandal and conflict,( From Treasurer Ted Theodore ) and treachery ( from future PM Joe Lyons) a rogue state premier ( Jack Lang) and interference from the English ( They wanted war loans paid off despite the impact it was going to have on our weakened economy and despite the fact that we suffered 60 000 battle casualties to defend them) so was our last one term Prime Minister. ( He may not be the last) He went on to become a mentor for war time PM John Curtin ( another local lad from Creswick)
Bad fireworks photo
 also had a sticky beak around the new Miner's Rest kindergarten. An old friend of mine, Liz worked tirelessly last year to get this project off the ground. It should see its first students next week. We had a look inside and it is all shiny and new. The kinda committee has done a great job with the garden outside.

Congratulations to Carol Oliver who received an Order of Australia medal for he lifetime commitment to dance and ballet in Ballarat. My daughter attended Carol Oliver's School of Ballet for many years and always spoke highly of Miss Carol and her sister Miss Sheryl who taught her classical ballet and jazz.

Sorry to hear about the death of Tom Uren 93. A boxer, veteran of the doomed 8th Division, prisoner of war, anti Vietnam War campaigner, conservationist  and outstanding minister in the Whitlam Government. 

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