Thursday, 8 January 2015

The original Glen Park school building

WThe original 1870 Glen Park school building

Despite many repairs and a new floor, by the 1950s the original school house was in a bad state of repair. Numerous applications were made by the school community for a replacement to the original building  to the School Inspector on his annual visits. A Public Works Department memo in 1962 recommended urgent works be carried out . The building could be shaken by hand and moved in a high wind. It was finally decided that the building could not be repaired and should be replaced.


In November 1962 a contract was awarded to A. V. Jennings for the erection of a new school building.  The total cost of the new school building was , £2478.  The old building was to be disposed of "to the best advantage of the Department".  Mr. Earl Pearson, the School Inspector at the time, wanted to see the old school building demolished but the community fought to have it retained.  It was subsequently moved to a site next to the school grounds and converted for use as a public hall.


Unfortunately neglect and damage caused by vandals resulted in it being disused as a local meeting place. (The last school Concert was held there in 1989) It was eventually bulldozed and the remains burnt in a bonfire in 1998.


Photos above: School gardeners in the 1940s. Cypress trees were removed from the school in the 1980s. The old school house can be seen in the background when it functioned as the Glen Park Hall.

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