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Glen Park's cricket team

Glen Park Cricket Club 

The first Glen Park Cricket team was formed in 1924-25. The club seems to have gone into recess or was disbanded but there was a social team playing in the 1930s.


The Glen Park Cricket Club was reformed at a meeting held at the Glen Park State School on October 23rd 1945. This period of the club's history is well documented as the Minute Books and a number of score books are held by Mr Alan Jeffrey. At the first meeting, Mr W. Cameron took the chair and a motion was passed to form a cricket club. Membership was set at 5/-, Mr. P. Ryan and S. Shaw attended to the purchase of cricket material and had membership tickets printed. Mr. W. Ralston was approached for the use of the ground. Others recorded in the minutes as being present at the meeting were W. Maddern, T. Ralston, L. Maddern, R. Jeffrey and A. Jeffrey. 


The club seems to have continued with some success for some years until the 1957-58 seasons. In this time they won one premiership in 1953/54 and were runners up three times. The premiership team consisted of W. Manning, W. Rumler, C. Rumler, E. Rumler, N. Marett, R, Jeffrey, A.R. Jeffrey, A.D. Jeffrey, S. Jeffrey, C. Cassells, R. Jeffrey and W. Westrup.


In order to maintain a team in the later years, many players from the surrounding districts had to be called in to make up numbers. After 1958, the club seems to have been disbanded.

Cricket club members ticket below with the 1924-25 team.

The Glen Park Church

The Glen Park Methodist Church was moved to a site opposite the school (Where the CFA shed is today) in 1906. (The Gong Gong Methodist Church was closed at about the same time. There was a building previously on this site which was used as a Sunday school but its origins are unknown.)


Families linked with the establishment of this church were the Longs, Rumlers, Ralstons, Kneeshaws, Peterkins, Goldsmiths, Clarkes, Copleys, Speeds, Shaws, Ratrays, Chaseys and Welsh families.


The church eventually closed and was demolished in 1975 due to the poor state of the building and the declining numbers of the congregation. The last child to be christened in the church in 1975 was Rebecca Ralston. Red brick foundations from the old church could still be seen on the site until recently.


The First World War honour roll from the church and a gate presented to the church by a Reverend Lelean were saved. The honour roll is now in the care of the Brown Hill Church (The schools honour roll is on display) and the gate, which was saved by Mr. Albert Wilson has now been erected by the Water Board in the lane leading to the Gong Gong Reservoir. The CFA shed is now located on the former site of the church.

The church is in the background of this picture of Glen Park school children playing cricket in the 1960s.

Glen Park CFA

The CFA Brigade was formed in 1952 but the first shed was situated on the corner of the Creswick- Bungaree Rd and Madderns Rd.

There was also a house situated opposite the school. Eileen Maddern, a pupil during World War One remembers the owner, Dan Rattray dying of bubonic Influenza. (Which killed 20 million people world-wide after the Great War) Dances and concerts were held at the church during the Great War to raise money for the war effort. There were many small properties and land holdings around Glen Park up until the end of World War Two. 

The CFA shed was relocated to the land where the Glen Park church was and is still there today.

The CFA lost its fire truck in the 1996-97 bushfires that ravaged the local area including the CFA shed and the school. Fund raising helped buy a new truck.

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