Thursday, 22 January 2015

Real estate and schools

Demand for homes in top state school zones is sending property prices in those areas straight to the top of the class.

Real estate agents say mum and dad buyers are forking out, on average, 10 to 15 per cent more to acquire a house within the boundary of an esteemed Victorian government college.

Parents happy to pay a premium to secure their child a seat at a reputable secondary school are keeping one eye on real estate listings and the other on annual VCE results.

Above is an extract from a story in today's Age. It's not news, they've run similar stories before and we have a great example of it here in Ballarat where people will rent property in the Ballarat High zone to get in there. BHS have a waiting list. I know the same applies with Frankston High School.

the same story features in the Daily Mail online but includes capital city maps.

$15 million Propoganda campaign

The federal government plans to spend $15m on its higher education advertising campaign, which was designed to ease concerns about proposed changes.

The taxpayer-funded campaign was launched late last year shortly after the Senate defeated the government’s first attempt to remove caps on university fees, reduce bachelor-degree subsidies, and extend funding to students in pathway programs and at private colleges.

Previous reports indicated the campaign would cost $8m, but the Department of Education disclosed the full costs to the National Audit Office after complaints from Senator Kim Carr the opposition higher education spokesman and the independent senator Nick Xenophon.

The $14.6m campaign budget included $9.5m for advertising bookings, $2.3m for creative development, $1.3m for their website $800,000 for research and $500,000 for contact centre support, the department said.

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