Monday, 26 January 2015

Old school names

Below is a list of just some of the small schools which no longer exist in the Central Highlands area


    Black Lead  1857-1876 

               located in the Magpie area

               Back Creek  1859-1871 located in Amherst area

               Campbells Diggings 1860-1863 located in Haddon area

               Cabbage Tree 1859-1930 located in the Creswick area

               Donkey Gully 1859-1877 located in the Faraday area

               Dolly’s Creek 1861-1878 located in the Elaine area

               Hardies Hill 1858-1879 located in the Buninyong area

                 Inkerman Lead 1861-1867 located in Ballarat area

               Italian Gully 1860-1874 located in Cape Clear area 

               Jim Crow 1860-1864 located in Daylesford area

               Long Point 1858-1866 located in Creswick area

               Lucky Woman’s located in Linton area

               Plank Road 1856-1874 located in Ballarat East area

               Standard Lead 1862-1865 located in Linton area

               Weatherboard Hill 1862-1948 located in the Learmonth area

                  Piggoreet 1863-1924 located in Scarsdale area

               Bunker’s Hill 1860-1935 located west of Ballarat

               Sheepwash 1866-1934 formally Tourello

               Mount Rowan 1865-1946 located north of Ballarat

               Grand Trunk 1865-1928 located in Haddon area

               Coomoora 1866-1945 located in Daylesford area

               Clydesdale  located in Talbot area

               Moonlight 1867-1883 now known as Berringa

               Bungaree Springs 1871-1893 became known as Glen Park

               Bungal 1875-1967 located in Mt Egerton area

                Pootilla 1878-1946

               Jerusalem 1896-1932 in Creswick locality.

I love the names of some of these schools. Wouldn’t it be great to say you taught at Donkey Gully or Sheepwash.


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