Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Illness at Glen Park


With modern standards of health care and immunization of children we often forget that less than a century ago the impact of an outbreak of influenza was much greater than today.  In searching through the school records there were many cases of epidemics in the school community.

In 1872 not long after the school began the School Committee had to close the school due to an outbreak of Diphtheria in the district.  Four of the children of Mr. John Chisholm, a member of the School Committee, had died.  A number of other children and several adults were also reported to be victims of the outbreak.

In 1885 the school was closed for several days due to an outbreak of measles.

In 1887 the school had to be closed for eighteen days due to a serious outbreak of Typhoid fever.

In May 1900 the school was closed for one week due to a Whooping cough epidemic.  

The school had to be thoroughly cleaned and fumigated before the children could return.

In addition to these cases there were many reports of minor outbreaks of illness in addition to regular absences of children to assist with harvesting and other farm work.

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Pre World War One or just after (going by the clothes the children are wearing) school photo.

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