Sunday, 25 January 2015

Only in Queensland?

From today's Brisbane Times

School kids and sporting groups stand as the main beneficiaries of the LNP's election bribery.

A review of projects the Newman Government will only guarantee in an electorate if the local LNP candidate is elected shows the government hitting key voter pressure points in an attempt to shore up seats.

Mr Newman has stood by his 'LNP MP only' strategy, despite criticism from both opposition MPs and voters who have labelled it "political blackmail".

"I'll be very, very clear," Mr Newman said.

"If it's in the candidate or the member's strong local plan, that is the candidate's plan.

"And it is dependent on the candidate being elected. That's pretty clear."

It means that if the LNP government is returned, which polls indicate will be the case, but a local LNP candidate is not, that electorate will not see promised projects delivered.

Improvements at schools and sporting clubs appear to be the biggest carrots dangled by the LNP.

Tamborine Mountain State High School's $500,000 auditorium has been linked to Jon Krause's re-election, despite the school having outgrown its current facility.

Keebra Park State High School will only receive its new amenities block and change facilities if Rob Molhoek is re-elected, while Gracemere kids, in the seat of Rockhampton, will only receive their $1 million new skate facility, if Bridie Luva unseats Labor's Bill Byrne. The Daisy Hill Netball Club's $10,000 grant has been linked to John Grant's fate at the ballot box, while Redland Bay State School kids will only get their $85,000 shade sails, if Matt McEachan keeps the seat for the LNP.

there are literally dozens of other examples of this electoral blackmail across Queensland leading up to their state election next weekend. Most of these announcements have included photo ops with children and those who stand to benefit from the projects.

Mr Newman, who previously described the conditional guarantee as "quite reasonable", said he would not alter the plan.

"If you vote 1 for the LNP candidate in your local area and they get up, they will deliver that plan," he said. Lets hope the people of Queensland will stand up to this unprecedented attack on democracy.

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