Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Almost the end of my school year

I set up our watering system for the garden and also set up 2 additional hoses attached to our 2 smaller tanks. 

Hoses all connected up and ready for action. 

Strawberries and capsicum flower from our veggie garden.

Like a good postman I loaded up a bag full of Glen Park Gazettes and delivered them to about 40 households this morning. View from Coorabin Estate.
My camel mates this morning. 

I also updated our prospectus for 2016 and organised some enrolment kits in case anyone is interested.
This afternoon I'll finish reading the 'True Story of Spit McPhee'. Which I'll be reading as a serial next year. The 'Bunyip Hole' unit was finished yesterday. Just 2 sleeps until Christmas.

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