Saturday, 5 December 2015

Pressure to privatise our schools?

From the office of Kate Ellis, Opposition spokesperson for Education.
Reports today that the Turnbull Liberal Government will tell states to outsource schools to private operators are just the latest example of the Liberals putting their ideology before the interests of Australian students.

This comes after the Government's leaked Draft Federation Green Paper earlier this year exposed a secret plan to means-test and charge fees at public schools.

"First the Government cut $30 billion from our schools, now they want to force states to outsource them so private companies can make a profit," Kate Ellis, Shadow Education Minister, said.

"If the Government was at all serious about improving our schools, they would reverse their cuts and rule out privatising and outsourcing schools.

"The Government should be investing in our schools and in our future, not simply washing its hands of responsibility.

"Schools are the backbone of local communities and their purpose should be education, not profit.

"It doesn't matter who the Minister is, or who their leader is, the Liberals have an ideological obsession with selling out education and pushing up costs for families and students."

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