Monday, 14 December 2015

Camp Report 2015

We arrived at our camp ( The PGL Adventure Camp at Kyneton) at midday on the 14th. Annoyingly the pool wasn't available for us so the swim the kids were looking forward too was cancelled. We had lunch by the lake and an explore and spent some time playing in the rec room and gym.
At 2:00 pm we had our first scheduled activity which was the giant swing. We had some real daredevils who went right to the top! it was hard work hauling them up on a hot day. Next we did archery and channelled our inner Robin Hoods. We then played a cross between volleyball and basketball on trampolines called Aeroball.
After showers we had dinner. ( soup, spaghetti bolognese , salad and fruit and strawberry mousse.) Then we spent some more time in the gym and watched a DVD and ate popcorn.
We went back to our huts at 9:30 for lights out. The last noise I heard from a cabin was at about 10:30 when I went to bed.
I was up early the next morning thanks to all the birds here. (We have also seen loads of rabbits and some kangaroos) I woke the kids at 7:00 am. They had a big breakfast at 8:00 and then we packed up ready for a busy second day.
First we had the flying fox. Because of our small numbers they had 6-7 goes on that.Then they tried the climbing wall( 2 climbs each)  Four of them got to the top (16m) including my grade 2 student. Lunch was at 12:00 and we had sausage rolls. We were on our bus and heading back to school at 1:00 pm.
(Lots of photos below including the giant swing, archery, Aeroball, having dinner, various views of the lake, the flying fox and climbing wall.)

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