Sunday, 27 December 2015

Apologies to Richard Scarry but I couldn't resist.

It does look very busy but not much is getting done! sadly realistic.
My son loved these books and the cartoon. I think he also had a PC game he enjoyed.
Meanwhile 91 followers now on TPT and over 200 ratings!
I'd like to get 100 by the end of 2016. I should also notch up 100 items for sale or free. ( Probably too many free!) Also nearly 61000 Blog views and over 700 posts this year ( probably too many) Also 540 Twitter followers but that is only marginally related to education. I'm trying to be a good digital citizen but still don't like Facebook or Instagram. ( Gone off Pinterest but worth a look for art/craft ideas but I can't really be bothered pinning anymore except on my Learning With Literature board.)


A suspicious fire has engulfed Daylesford Secondary College, destroying half of the school. 

Country Fire Authority firefighters were called to the high school at 3.20am after fire broke out in the school's northern wing. Arson is suspected.

Firefighters took more than two hours to extinguish the blaze as huge plumes of smoke were seen from the school.

Sad to hear about Stevie Wright's death.
I couldn't find my old Easybeats vinyl today? I'm sure we will see it on CD in due course!

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