Saturday, 12 December 2015

'Speak Up' initiative

DET is apparently taking IBAC revelations seriously. Especially concerns that people who knew what was going on but were too afraid to speak out. Apparently IBAC will be looking at Ultranet in the new year. Below is a message from the Education Secretary sent out to schools about the 'Speak Up' initiative which has a 24/7 hot line.

Message from the Secretary - Integrity Update 




I committed to keeping you regularly updated about our progress on our integrity work.


As I said at IBAC - staff should never feel too afraid to raise concerns. 


Today I am proud to launch the new 'Speak Up' hotline for staff across our schools and Departmental offices. 


You now have a new, confidential way to raise concerns.


If something doesn't look right or feel right, we want you to speak up.


The Department’s leaders and I want to hear from you - and if necessary, we will act. 


This shouldn’t replace appropriate ways of dealing with problems locally. 


Always try to talk to your principal or manager first, but if don't feel like you can, contact the service via the link below.  


Speak up: 

• If you think someone's behaviour is affecting the safety and wellbeing of others 
• If you notice irregular or unusual financial practices or transactions
• If you believe someone is using school or office resources for personal gain
• Or if you're unsure about a conflict of interest, including how services are contracted and people are employed. 


Organisations as big as ours should have a service like this.


It can have a real impact on identifying possible fraud and misconduct - and supporting workplaces like ours to be more open and transparent.      


The hotline operates 24/7 and is part of a new whistle-blower program for educationstaff.


Speak Up is just one way we are bringing greater integrity and accountability to our organisation. 


In my last video message, I asked you to nominate your peers to join five integrity leadership groups. 


We had a fantastic response from staff - and I am thrilled that the groups have now been established and have started planning for the year ahead. 


The people you put forward come from schools and offices across the state, and bring a range of experiences and skills to our integrity reform program. 

I was lucky enough to meet them at their first meeting - and I encourage you to find out more about them via the link below. 


As you know, cultural change demands strong, ethical and authentic leadership.


I am delighted to advise that the Department’s executives and I have committed to a leadership charter that sets a new bar for leadership in this organisation.


It outlines our promise to staff and the public that we will:


Work as one
Be accountable – and work with integrity 
Invest in and empower our people
And always focus on the wellbeing and outcomes for the children and young people we are here to serve.


This is something I am deeply and personally committed to - and I am delighted to also share the charter with you today.  


I look forward to keeping you up to date as we continue to roll out our integrity reforms next year.


Thank you

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