Friday, 4 December 2015


With most of my testing done for the end of year, this Saturday was a great time to start report writing. I got the about 95% finished. A few I'll wait to finish because I want to test them on Monday. Once that is done I will finish them off Monday afternoon and hopefully have them copied and popped into envelopes to go home on the last day of school. 
I must say that today more so than any other year I can remember it has been a pleasure to write these reports. 
It was an early start and once I had finished what I could I took my Spiderwick unit home to finish, cleaned and prepared for next week.

They have set up the Ferris wheel again in the mall.

We mowed last week. The lawn is very dry.I think it is going to be a hot, dry summer.

Our Archibald Prize entries were returned yesterday.

'Report writing central' this morning.
Tomorrow I'll post that free Pinocchio unit I promised and finish the Spiderwick unit.

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