Thursday, 31 December 2015

Last tweet of the year or the first for 2016?

I went up to school today to take in the bins but they weren't empty. I'm sure we've had them emptied on New Years Day before??? The neighbours had there's out yesterday??? Anyway, I hope we don't have to wait a fortnight for them to be emptied. 
I watered the garden again, but I don't think there is enough water in the world to keep our garden going this summer. So different to last year.
I noticed some llamas/alpacas in a paddock near the school and took a photo. In one they're so close together they look like the Pushme-Pullyu from Doctor Dolittle ( the proper one, not the Eddie Murphy one) 

Professional New Years resolutions: Make sure I do all the PD I need to do with the new curriculum starting in 2017. ( The kids can cope with CRTs) Don't buy so many books ( I'm running out of bookshelves) Keep it simple and manageable ( Let DET help guide my new starategic plan. I don't always need to be the innovator) Get more enrolments.( Word of mouth is the best way but I may need to look at other strategies. See what School Council thinks) Get LOTE going by mid year in some form or another. Stop buying chocolate biscuits for school and eating the whole packet...and a few more I'll keep to myself.

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