Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Last duty before my break

Just popped up for a last minute water of the garden and tidy up

In the last few days there has been a 'Christmas banned in state schools' non story being peddled about ( mana from heaven for racists) which has been strongly denied ( including by me on Twitter) 
This is not America and there is no Fox News style 'war on Christmas' happening in our state schools.( DET has never sent a memo or bulletin out to schools banning Santa, carols, nativity scenes etc) 
This nonsense needs to be stamped down quickly and apparently the Minister has done so. 
Apologies for my 'potty mouth' in a recent tweet (but pretty tame compared with what I've heard coming from drivers down the road this morning) but with all the issues facing education and educators at the moment this is purile nonsense and very exasperating!
We don't need to go down that path! 

Getting through 'Spit McPhee' today, it's a good book and I'm enjoying it. I hope the kids do. 
Apparently it was made into a TV serial in the 80s but I have no memory of it and it's not available on DVD.
Also these memes from an American colleague who is very glad to be on holidays....
Oh and Merry Christmas!

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