Friday, 11 December 2015

Christmas grotto

Up at work today I finished the last 5% of our reports ( I added how many nights of home reading the kids did, for those who returned their logbooks and also made some adjustments to a few other reports) and printed them off and put them in their envelopes. All I have to do now is hand them out on the last day of school.
I drove past St Pats and noticed the ribbons out again..(I wonder how long they leave them there this time....I bet they'll disappear before Christmas!) Cardinal Pell is a no show and the Royal Commission which isn't in Ballarat ( doesn't make any sense!) but hopefully they can lure him away from the Vatigan!
Took down the kids work and got the room ready for Santa's visit and for the kids to take home their portfolios. Also prepared some Christmas craft for the kids when we get back from camp. I visited a school the other day where the teachers are all moving classrooms. It was a mess and looked a bit sad for the kids. That's the good thing about a small school. Its cozy and homey.

All ready for Santa!

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