Friday, 29 January 2016

More Gonski fall out

Coalition Education Minister Birmingham admits that Gonski funding  is getting results but the decision to axe it has already been made.
He also apparently can't count!

Meanwhile Jay Weatherall seems to have gone a bit odd, first he wants a 15% GST  and now he turns on Gonski reform. Tony Burke however had this to say.....

A federal Labor frontbencher has dismissed South Australian Premier Jay Weatherill's attack on Labor's plan to fully fund Gonski as "drowning in ignorance".

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten announced last week that a Labor government would fund the Gonski schools plan in full, but Mr Weatherill said his federal counterparts didn't have a "coherent" plan without a GST hike.

"It's a comment drowning in ignorance ... for the simple reason we have done what pretty much no opposition has done and that's announce our improvements to the budget bottom line well in advance of announcing any of the expenditure," opposition finance spokesman Tony Burke told Sky News on Sunday.

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