Thursday, 7 January 2016

Hard at work

I got a lot done at work today. Mostly preparing school work for the first 2-3 weeks back. The kids go back on a Thursday which is pretty awkward. I always start the year off with an Australian theme because it is always a day or two after Australia Day. Last year we studied Australian inland explorers and Australian sea creatures. This year it will be the settlement of Victoria and foundation of Melbourne. Other Australian themes have included Australian sea explorers, the outback, Australian megafauna, Indigenous Australians, Dutch explorers, Australian islands and island neighbours and famous Australians.
Grade 6 will study The Bush Bandits, Spit MacPhee and The Bunyip Hole for literature and we will all have Australian facts, native animals and Australian geography to study. I Have already set up 3 notice boards and will have our display table completed and some craft activities organised for the first week or so.
I went to Ballarat Books and bought some new text books in Maths and Spelling and next week I'll get some new reading books to start off the year with from Colins books and I'll visit Spotlight for some Australian themed craft and display material. I will need 2 more days not including a cleaning day and visits to water the garden and probably remove that damaged tree before the kids return.

Below are a couple of photos I took of the old abandoned Windermere PS site last night.

Very true.

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