Sunday, 31 January 2016

New structure still short on detail

 I asked for some clarification and details about the new DET structure for this year and was sent this which basically doesn't tell me much at all. I guess I'll just have to wait until March.

In December, Secretary Gill Callister launched the new regional structure and operating model.


Our vision for the Education State is a system where every Victorian has the best learning and development experience, making our state a smarter, fairer, more prosperous place.


We know that regional and local expertise and support is critical to drive improved learning and development outcomes and ensure that learners move seamlessly through our education system.


As part of the vision of Victoria as the Education State, the Government committed to significantly increase resources in our regions. This commitment provided a fresh opportunity to review our existing regional structures and to redesign them to ensure that we are best placed to meet ongoing and future challenges.


Highlights from the new model include:


·         A focus on place – establishing 17 local areas within our four regions to ensure a deeper understanding of the characteristics, trends and issues of local communities


·         A focus on multi-disciplinary teams – enabling greater access to the expertise and knowledge of colleagues working in each local area to better support students and schools


·         A focus on partnerships – developing stronger partnerships with our sector and with other agencies and local organisations


·         A focus on analysis for better outcomes – using data to drive improved outcomes for learners and evaluate the impact of our new regional operating model


This new operating model will come into effect in March 2016.


Bringing our new regional operating model to life will require significant planning and preparation prior to commencement and beyond.


We are currently planning a series of dedicated communications with schools, service providers and other stakeholders; this is expected to occur in the coming weeks.

Hooray over 10000 views from Australia.

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