Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Where you would end up if you dug down to the other side of the Earth

From Huff Post

If 2016 is the year you plan to get pregnant, think about this for a moment: Australian Scholarships Group says the cost of putting them through private schooling will be $468,397.

The children's education saving group analysed the cost of education for babies born in 2016 based on 5600 surveys. They've then estimated the cost, year by year, including necessities for a child starting preschool in 2020, from kindy to Year 12 for public, catholic and private schools.

Those opting for private education would pay $8,330 by the end of pre school, $146,134 for primary school and $313,933 for secondary school by the time they graduate in 2033.

If that sounds steep, the group estimated the total public schooling for the same child to cost $66,862 and Catholic school at $230,381.

And the State Library of South Australia makes it onto the list of the worlds most beautiful libraries.
I agree.
Ahhh listen to that rain today...
There still might be hope for our veggie garden! Rain at my front door.
My wife talking online with her TPT colleagues from the US this morning.

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