Saturday, 2 January 2016

Roof Repairs

I think we might miss out on the storms today. I popped up to water and to also scan some sketches I finished last night for the now finished Spit MacPhee unit. While I was up there I noticed some of the roof missing from the pump shed. 
It took a while to put it back together again and nail it down, I'll have to do it again because I didn't have any galvanised iron nails. Only a few cuts on rusty sheet metal.....I hope my tetanus booster is still working.
I think I'll need to spend 4-5 days at work these holidays on top of popping up to water and check on things. At least a day in the library and another day in the office. Probably 2 days preparing for the first month back and another day just tidying and reorganising.( I have some jobs that need doing in the grounds too.)

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