Monday, 11 January 2016

Rain yesterday

While I was up at work yesterday we had a solid downpour of about 3 mls which is good for the garden but not enough!

Apparently stick insects are pretty rare but we seem to get plenty. This is one on our BER building yesterday. It was gone today.

I went book shopping for school today in Collins bookshop on Sturt St. 
More ribbons appearing outside St Pats to coincide with the news that the Catholic Church has been funding disgraced former priests to the tune of several million dollars via collection plate donations no less!

Heard today from an ex- student. ( email below) I'll see if I can find some photos for him.

Hi Tony,

I just googled the Glen Park School and see you are still there.

I am living in Karratha WA now, bit warmer than Glen Park.
Just looked at the photo album on the web site and noticed there wasn't many there, have you got more that you could put on there to show my kids from around 1985 onwards. I see there's one of the old hall there, we actually took all of the weatherboards off when it was being demolished and built a hut with them up past Andrew Ralstons house, it was burnt down in the 97 bush fire but we rebuilt it, not sure if it's still standing or not.

Anyhow, great to see the school is still open, such good memories of that school and will call in one day when I'm over visiting in the warmer months..

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