Saturday, 16 January 2016

Ballarat Books

I popped into Ballarat Books today and picked up a few non- fiction books and text books. ( reading logs and spelling books) that's the last of my purchases at the moment but I might pop into Heroes Inc  to look for a few new graphic novels to start the year with. I will be going up to work all day on Tuesday as my tech guy ( Steve ) is popping up to do some updating of our network. I might ask him about a new netbook as my 2 original netbooks have had it. Hopefully that will be my last full day and I can relax until the following Wednesday and catch up on reading, walking and watch a few DVDs ( Mr Holmes and Safehouse)
Ballarat Books
Interesting way of looking at student absenteeism.

I gave blood at the Red Cross this morning before shopping for school.

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