Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Start of term 1

Got to school bright and early at 7:00 am today. It was a mild sunny morning.
We had about 10 ml of rain the other day and the zucchini and strawberries look good but I'm still worried about the tomatoes. We are supposed to have a lot of rain today so here's hoping. 
Heather came up to finish off the accounts. She is expecting a new grand child any minute! 
I went certifiably mad and decided to clean the window ( refer photo below) They turned out well.
Everything is ready for when the kids arrive. A two day week is a bit crazy so we will have a quiet couple of days just getting back into routine. I have a PST ( Pre Service Teacher ) starting next week so she popped in for a tour ( Melissa)
It's also good to see Queensland state education is back on course after the sterile Newman years.

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