Thursday, 21 January 2016


Didn't notice this universe when I binge-watched Fringe.

Oh those cold-hearted ruthless teachers!!!!!

Stop using this word when describing a person!

I'm still vacuuming up glitter from Christmas 2014......
ALWAYS apply glitter outside.
Yeah well....Good try.
Not sure about these books for the library?
Lots of soaking rain in Ballarat today. I don't know if I can get these feet into a pair of shoes next week. Hoping for more hot weather next week!!
Oh and....

School speed zones back in force on Monday....

School speed zones are designed to improve safety for school children by lowering the speed of traffic near schools. They operate throughout each school term at the peak times that children arrive at and leave schools.

Motorists should be aware that children in traffic are not like adults. They can be unpredictable and because they are small, they can be hard to see. So take extra care and slow down when you drive past any school.

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