Friday, 22 April 2016

Expulsions on the rise

Schools are expelling dozens of Victorian students for drug possession, violence and muck up day rampages during Year 11 and 12.

Last year, 24 state school students were expelled during their final two years of school, up from 19 the previous year.

They make up only a fraction of the 201 students who were expelled from state schools last year.

But it is not known how many non-government school students are expelled because no one collects the data. ( Now there is a surprise! I wonder if the private school boys who got drunk and disorderly after the 'Boat Race' in Ballarat got expelled or was it just hushed up. Apparently the schools APs rushed down to the pub after the cops were called. The pub was apparently fined about $20000. I remember watching them climbing over a wall at the back of the pub in their uniforms. I should have stopped and took a photo. ) 

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