Saturday, 16 April 2016

Reading and writing

Another busy Saturday shift up at school this morning preparing for the next week at work. It will be a busy week with Alison Middleton visiting us next week to work with the early years kids, Simone visiting on Wednesday to teach LOTE. I have a Network meeting on Wednesday as well which should be.....interesting! We are going on a bushwalk on Friday and our 2 PSTs will be with us on Thursday too. Hopefully Lucy can continue with Italian but she may wish to skip a week. 
We also need to be practicing for the school sports. I'll help a few that Tim suggested needed some extra support and I'll leave it up to the others to organise their training ( they don't need me to supervise sprints and jumps) Hopefully our weather is good for training. It's hard to practise discus and shot on wet grass let alone a'muddy' jumping pit.

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