Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Network Meeting ( forgettable)

Network Meeting
Ballarat Soccer Centre
(Combined North and South Central Networks)
Meeting started at 9:00 am

Introduction by SEILs
Tiresome 'ice-breaker' activity.
Introduction of principals to each other
Review of the work we have done so far this year.

Line of sight focussed work
Refresh strategic plans ( new strategic plan to be developed next year)
Align PDPs with AIPs ( This has been completed but no feedback on this)
Staffing alignments not relevant at Glen Park.
AIP Activity at our tables and group sharing.( From our table Karolina talked about the work she is doing at Little Bendigo such as creating a community of learning at her school.) 

Education state targets
Discussion about education targets ( Quote of the day: ' This is what the Minister will ask you about if he visits your school' ) 
Network Chair and executives (role descriptions and voting information)

Area director role
Peter Devereux discussed his role. 'Principals are the drivers of change in their schools'
'Significant shift to student led schools' Peter talked about what he regards as a highly effective school. ( sound policies and procedures, collaboration, viable/visible curriculum, student centred and decision making is evidence based and data driven.) Peter also discussed area issues which include NAPLAN reading and writing below state with tail growing, Numeracy in bottom 3 bands. Secondary attendance poor, retention 10% below the state.

( This data is not new! Poor writing data in particular has been an issue in our region/area for at least 10 years. Attempts were made to address this 7-8 years ago when we were in our old networks. If this is an 'area' concern then it requires an 'area response'. No suggested collective strategy to deal with this problem was suggested! Apparently it is all being put back on individual schools....again)
PS: I checked on old Network data at school this morning and I found the old strategic plan for the Highlands North East Network prepared by the management team for the Network in 2009 using 2008 data and it is almost identical! ( Refer writing crisis post)

Meeting finished at 12:30 pm

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