Monday, 4 April 2016

Long day

Well that was a long day at work ( 8:00 to 4:30) especially the first couple of hours when I cleaned up all the branches and tree litter from around the school and collected it on the oval to be mulched tomorrow.
There were a few large branches but mostly small stuff that fell off trees last year. I should have tidied it up before the fire season late last year but it's done now. Before anyone has a go at me for wrecking animal habitats, I left plenty of bark and small branches and I left material that was starting to decompose. I did pull down 2 Cubbys the kids built 8 months ago, and haven't been in for 8 months! They seem to have been shelter for rabbits and a few huge huntsman who scuttled off when I pulled their home apart. I'm sure we will lose a branch or 2 this winter and they can make another one if they want.
I got heaps of work done in the office this afternoon! So much so that tomorrow I can devote myself to curriculum work. It was unseasonably warm today and will be warmer tomorrow. I could have done with a cold one when I finished today, but I defrosted the fridge at work so nothing was cold.
Tomorrow we have the gutter guy up to clean the gutters and hopefully the tree dudes will be in to mulch up the piles of tree waste I collected ( refer below)

Autumn is gradually starting and the trees on Humffray Street are turning yellow.

Another long day tomorrow and Wednesday....maybe Thursday and I should be all organised for term 2!

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