Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Just about finished.

Another couple of hours at work tomorrow and I should be finished and ready to resume my holidays! All 3 more days of it....
Today I got a lot of preparation done for term 2 including putting together a maths theme on whole numbers and also an updated Three Billy Goats Gruff unit for the grade 2 kids. I did some work samples as well for the grade 6 kids and I also finished my Miss Peregrine's....unit!

Below is a sample of a 3D picture of the levitating girl.

I also created and made a sample of a pop up scene.

Tomorrow I have the iPads to update and add new apps to them for next term. I'll also have to delete some apps to make room. I'll type up their Daily Book for the first few days back too. I have cleaning materials to buy as well. 
Security were at the school last night. Just a false alarm I hope. I do worry about the school out in the middle of nowhere especially during the holidays. I noticed some of our lights outside aren't working and the trough is blocked. ( The tap was left on over night? maybe someone riding by stopped for a drink and didn't turn it off? I'll need to organise a plumber but that can wait until next week.)Tomorrow I'm meeting up with some principal pals fro brunch which will be good.( I'll try to take a sneaky photo!

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