Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Kids with disabilities need more help

The state government has delivered in its budget to help children with disabilities in state schools ( where the vast majority of them go to school) now it's the turn of the federal government to do the same!

The upcoming Budget needs to address the dire situation for students with disability, with yet more evidence of the pressure schools are under due to a lack of adequate funding.Reports reveal that three out of four schools do not have adequate resources to help students with disability. Labor’s shadow minister for disability reform Jenny Macklin said nine out of 10 government schools said they were forced to use funds from other budgeted areas to assist students with disability, and 84 per cent said their teachers required more assistance.

Students with disability, their parents and carers deserve better.”

“At the same time, a Victorian Government review has found evidence schools are excluding students with disability, ‘explicitly or subtly’ denying enrolment,” Macklin said.

“Enough is enough; students with disability, their parents and carers deserve better.

“Students with disability have been dealt nothing but broken promises under the Liberals, and they will go a whole term of government leaving tens of thousands of students missing out on the support they need,” he said.

Liberal-National government cuts include the $100m a year More Support for Students With Disabilities program, trashing the Gonski reforms, and failing to implement the full disability loading.

Shadow education minister Kate Ellis said the least Malcolm Turnbull can do is make sure the upcoming Budget fixes these mistakes, and gives students with disability the support they need and deserve.

Every student with disability deserves to be recognised as a learner.”

“In complete contrast to Mr Turnbull’s indifference, Labor will deliver additional per-student funding for students with disability,” Ellis said “and will invest $320m to ensure all students have the additional resources and support they need to achieve their potential.

“Every student has the right to a great education, and every student with disability deserves to be recognised as a learner.

“Mr Turnbull cannot ignore this dire situation any longer,” Ellis said.

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